[Freeswitch-users] No ringtone to caller when third party call control (3PCC) is enabled

Jaan Kaja Jaan.Kaja at enghouse.com
Wed Sep 12 07:38:25 UTC 2018


I have configured "enable-3pcc=proxy" in the SIP profile, and have an external application that controls answer-call, make-call, etc. The configuration means that incoming calls w/o SDP are accepted, which works fine.
The problem is that when I make an outgoing call, ringtone is not played to the caller, although the "ringback" variable is set for the caller's leg.

I have checked the code in mod_sofia, and in sofia.c, there is a piece of code:
                                                          if (sofia_test_flag(tech_pvt, TFLAG_SKIP_EARLY)) {
                                                                                       sofia_clear_flag_locked(tech_pvt, TFLAG_SKIP_EARLY);
                                                                                       goto done;
which disables reaching the ring-ready state. TFLAG_SKIP_EARLY is set when TFLAG_3PCC is true. If I comment out the goto statement, the A-party gets ringtone. N.B.: This is just a minimal quick fix, not a proposed solution, which works because I'm not doing an enterprise originate.

Question: Is there a reason for this behavior? Documentation shows that early media must be disabled when an enterprise originate is done, but why is playing ringtone disabled in this case? Should I submit a bug report to Jira?

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