[Freeswitch-users] Phone spontaneously going into Hold when a call is established?

Nathan Neulinger nneul at mst.edu
Fri Sep 7 18:27:27 UTC 2018

Please note that I tracked the change in behavior to a commit related to changing SDP for video which clearly has some 
secondary side effects at least on this situation. See subsequent emails and FS-11385.

The problem is the timing - all I know is that it's ringing, then the moment I hear audio (in my test case, when I call 
a number with an answering machine and it picks up) - it goes to hold and never comes of unless I toggle hold on the 
phone I'm calling from -- and note that it requires me to push hold key _twice_. While it starts, phone shows "Held" but 
I'm still hearing audio. If I then push Hold, it really goes on hold. Pushing it again, and the audio is back to normal.

Is the "being answered sendonly" something that is typical? I've still got open communication with our provider, so can 
easily point out more if it's doing something unusual.

Would it help to get a combined sip trace showing both legs in one timeline?

-- Nathan

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*Subject:* [Freeswitch-users] Phone spontaneously going into Hold when a call is established?

> Some notes here… if there is none of the inactive/sendonly/recvonly/sendrecv its the same as if it was sendrecv
> In the going on to on-hold immediately (leg w/ provider) case… the call is being answered sendonly, essentially they 
> are answering the call on hold, then sending us a re-invite to take us off hold.  Its correct that the call should 
> start on hold, but it should come back off hold, can you confirm that it is?
> In the going on to on-hold immediately (leg w/ device) case…  the call is being answered off hold, and then we are 
> getting an update with sendonly (putting us on hold)…. I would expect it to be on hold after that.
>> On Sep 6, 2018, at 11:48 PM, Nathan Neulinger <nneul at mst.edu <mailto:nneul at mst.edu>> wrote:
>> Finally managed to get a reproducible failure on this, but don't understand SIP enough to know where it's going 
>> wrong. I have two local numbers that I can call via my local telco over a SIP trunk (MetaSwitch) - one reliably 
>> demonstrates the behavior, the other reliably works normal:
>> The call that is working normally (leg w/ provider):
>> INVITE w/ neither sendonly nor sendrecv
>> 100 Trying
>> 183 Progress w/ a=sendrecv
>> 200 OK w/ a=sendrecv
>> The call that is going into on-hold immediately (leg w/ provider):
>> INVITE w/ neither sendonly nor sendrecv
>> 100 Trying
>> 180 Ringing
>> 200 OK  w/ a=sendonly
>> INVITE w/ a=sendrecv
>> 100 Trying
>> 200 OK w/ neither sendonly nor sendrecv
>> Call that goes into on hold immediately (leg w/ device):
>> INVITE w/ neither, but has sdp
>> 407
>> INVITE w/ neither, but has sdp
>> 100
>> 183 w/ neither
>> 200 w/ neither
>> UPDATE w/ sendonly (which is after the second 200 OK above)
>> 200 OK w/ recvonly
>> I'm going to try and do some more digging on this tomorrow, but if someone has any insights here on what the 
>> proper/expected behavior is, I sure would love to hear it.
>> It seems like this may be somewhat related to FS-9765 - however there is no invite w/o an SDP. Also similar sounding 
>> to FS-11234. I'm happy to take this forward to provider (I'm inquiring with them as well) but would be helpful to 
>> have some more details on which piece is behaving incorrectly.
>> -- Nathan
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>> Subject: Phone spontaneously going into Hold when a call is established?
>> I had seen this symptom a few times randomly, and just got a couple of reports from users where a call to an outside
>> number was going immediately to 'On Hold' when the person answered.
>> Is there anything in the SIP/RTP stream that could be expected to trigger that sort of behavior? I've seen it from a
>> polycom, and I believe one of the user reports today was with a yealink. User report was with a recently upgraded 1.6 ->
>> 1.8 deployment. I believe the previous times I've seen it would have been on git builds of 1.8, but not certain.
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