[Freeswitch-users] Show ring-group name on phone

René Weiss rw at panorgan.ch
Wed Sep 5 11:56:21 UTC 2018


What is the best/right way to show the name of the called ring-group
on the ringing phone?

At the moment I have configured 2 ring groups (let's call them "main 
number" and "hotline") which bridge incoming calls like this:

<action application="bridge"

The problem is now, that on the display of the ringing phones
I can only see that there's a call from <caller-number> to the
number of the individual phone.

What I would like to see is: call from <caller-number> to
<ring-group number> (or <ring-group-name>)

(We use Yealink phones (mostly T46s) if that helps)


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