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Preston Hagar prestonh at gmail.com
Tue May 29 17:08:26 UTC 2018

I know this isn't exactly what you were asking, but we do a lot of faxing
(receiving and sending) and usually it can come from various machines with
various settings, so we needed something pretty flexible.  We also wanted
to keep our "regular" fax machines as that is what our users were
accustomed to.  In the end, we just bought a Cisco SPA112 ATA box for each
fax machine.  You just setup the extension to it and register it as a phone
and then plug its analog port into the back of the fax machine.  So far
they have been working great.  Here are my notes on setting them up in case
you decide to go that route:

To make our current fax machines work, I'm using a Cisco SPA112 ATA (Analog
Telephone Adapter).  One will be at each fax machine.  It basically takes a
sip account, takes the sip calls, and turns it into a regular "line" for
faxes.  Here are settings/important notes:

Update the firmware!!!  The firmware that comes shipped is terrible.  Get
to at least 1.4.1.

By default, the box will get a DHCP lease and the username and password are
both admin.  You can find the IP in the dhcp leases file by searching for
You can use the "Quick Setup" for the initial account setup.  Enter the

Proxy:  <Address of FreeSwitch server>

Display Name: whatever name you want it to have

User ID:  (the extension number)

Password:  (the password)

There is a fax optimizaion guide on page 136 of this document:

Per that guide, set the following under Voice->Line1:

SIP Settings:

 SIP Transport: TCP

Network Settings Section -

 Network Jitter Level: very high
 Jitter Buffer Adjustment: no

Supplementary Service Subscription Section -

 Call Waiting Serv: no
 Three Way CAll Serv: no

Audio Configuration Section -

 Preferred Codec: G.771u
 Use pref. codec only: yes
 Silence Supp Enable: no
 Echo Canc Enable: no
 FAX Passthru Method: ReINVITE

All other defaults should be good.

On Tue, May 29, 2018 at 2:38 AM, Hossein Gholizadeh <hggh96.hg at gmail.com>

> hi all ... i already got the fax from a fax machine to my freeswitch gate
> way ok ... now i need to send this received fax file to other fax machine
> ... how can i do it?
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