[Freeswitch-users] javascript choose external channel

Francesco Facco de Lagarda francesco at delagarda.com
Tue May 22 09:56:47 UTC 2018

I'm developing a call app using javascript


I have 2 possibile gateways for outgoing calls: 


one is a RealTone FXO box on analogue line

one is a MessageNet SIP account..


in JS I THOUGHT I could use them as follows:


for the realtone FXO

var sessOut = new Session("sofia/gateway/realtoneFXO/" +  dialedNum +

for messageNet SIP ACCOUNT

var sessOut = new Session("sofia/gateway/messagenet/" +  dialedNum +



But FS ALWAYS dials out on the FXO, in fs_cli I see:


switch_channel.c:1104 New Channel
sofia/external/069087651 at
<mailto:sofia/external/069087651 at> 


why not 

New Channel
sofia/gateway/Messagenet/sofia/external/069087651 at
<mailto:sofia/external/069087651 at> 


As I'm specifying n the "new Session" code ???



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