[Freeswitch-users] usernames whith special simbols cant recive calls on FS 1.8

Miguel Jesús López Valverde mjlopez at smartic.es
Thu Dec 20 12:34:26 UTC 2018

Hi all


As you indicated to me through Slak and in this email, I keep periodic inquiries through Slak about the status of this incident, but I do not get answer in any way after the last one given in this email.


I have also consulted about the following:

Is it possible to recompile FS18 in its version 1.8.2 on my own, eliminating the burden of the patch that generates this problem or should I wait for a new version 1.8.3 with it corrected ?. In case it can be recompiled by me, could you tell me in a basic way how to do it?


But I'm also not having answers through Slak. For this I return to send you these queries via email, as it is important for me to find a solution to this issue to be able to update the current FS1.6 servers that I have available to FS1.8


Thank you again and greetings.


Miguel J. López.



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This issue is cause by the patch adding in:




And is specific to calling sip registered endpoints with ~ in the username.  I’ve reached out to the original author of that patch, and if they don’t respond with a fix I’ll have to revert that patch.  Please remind me if I dont follow up on that issue soon by commenting on that jira.

On Nov 8, 2018, at 12:56 PM, Miguel Jesús López Valverde <mjlopez at smartic.es <mailto:mjlopez at smartic.es> > wrote:


Hello again guys:


I'm sending this question in case someone can tell me how to solve the following problem.


We currently have a production platform working with FS 1.6 where users have historically been created in the form username~companyname like usernames and the incoming calls to these users work correctly. Also, a request on console like “sofia_contact nameusername~companyname at domain” returns a right result.


Now I am considering the migration of these platforms to FS 1.8 and, for this, doing an assembly of initial development. Here I have been able to verify that although these users register correctly, they can issue outgoing calls and appear correctly listed in queries of type “sofia status profile internal reg”, but these users can’t receive incoming calls, in console the information " Cannot create outgoing channel of type [error] cause: [USER_NOT_REGISTERED] " is always obtained and when I launch the query “sofia_contact nameusername~companyname at domain”  in console, I get the result “error/user_not_registered”; I only have to change the value ~ for example by a dot and the incoming calls works correctly and also the query “sofia_contact nameusername.companyname at domain <mailto:nameusername.companyname at domain> ” return a right result.


I guess I need to adjust the configuration of some library of FS 1.8 and recompile it to get back an identical operation to version 1.6, can someone help me in indicating which library or with what adjustment I could get this operation again?


Thank you very much and best regards!!



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