[Freeswitch-users] Relay a REGISTER

Shaun Stokes shaun.stokes at itec-support.co.uk
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If you want to achieve this using FreeSWITCH you would likely need to modify the source-code and\or create a new module to control this functionality, it wouldn't be a simple task. You're much better off using a SIP Proxy such as Kamailio which allows you to control the flow of the SIP packets your-self through the configuration, although it can be a bit of a learning curve for those not familiar with Kamailio.

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I'd like to relay a REGISTER received on leg A to the leg B. The idea is to have a Contact URI with the B leg IP address when the REGISTER goes out of the FS.

But I didn't found how to avoid Freeswitch to handle the REGISTER locally.


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