[Freeswitch-users] P-Asserted-Identity transparency between leg A and leg B

Sebastian Kemper sebastian_ml at gmx.net
Thu Dec 6 11:36:47 UTC 2018

Am December 6, 2018 11:25:33 AM UTC schrieb igor.potjevlesch at gmail.com:
>Hello Sebastian,
>In your case the local phone/ATA is the leg B right?
>With that settings you get transparency between the two legs?
>How ${sip_from_user} is defined?
Hello Igor,

Phone/ATA are B leg. I don't get transparency with this. Transparency would be if I sent PAI untouched to B leg and the From would have the same user as in A leg.

I only get the From user from A leg to B leg this way, the PAI is completely dropped. Which is no problem for my situation.

I'm not sure if my workaround is also suitable for anonymous calls by the way. I'll try that out next week.

Kind regards,

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