[Freeswitch-users] P-Asserted-Identity transparency between leg A and leg B

Sebastian Kemper sebastian_ml at gmx.net
Thu Dec 6 09:40:32 UTC 2018

On Wed, Dec 05, 2018 at 06:01:02PM +0100, igor.potjevlesch at gmail.com
> Hello,
> In the scenario where the From is different than the
> P-Asserted-Identity on leg A, FS put the PAI in the From on leg B.
> I don't find how to change this behaviour. I would like to keep the
> From and the P-Asserted-Identity as they come on the leg A except some
> manipulations.
> Someone knows which parameters must be changed? Currently, the leg B
> is configured with "pass-callee-id" to false, "caller-id-in-from" to
> true and "caller-id-type" to "pid".

Hello Igor,

Thanks for posting this. I find this an interesting question, too.

I use this currently on the leg to my local phone and ATA:

  <extension name="cli-handling" continue="true">
      <action application="export" data="_nolocal_origination_caller_id_name=_undef_"/>
      <action application="export" data="_nolocal_origination_caller_id_number=${sip_from_user}"/>
      <action application="export" data="_nolocal_sip_cid_type=none"/>

When there is a "clip no screening" call coming my way, I also get both
numbers, the calling party in PAI and the generic number in From, from
the provider.

I didn't bother looking further into this because I actually don't know
which number the phone/ATA would display if they received both numbers.
Maybe they are not aware of "clip no screening", which wouldn't be a
surprise because this feature is not supported in all countries (I think
in the US they don't support it).

Kind regards,

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