[Freeswitch-users] Implementing customer callback with mod_callcenter

Michael Avers michael at mailworks.org
Wed Apr 25 00:10:29 UTC 2018


Looking for some best practices.. I'm trying to let users exit a mod_callcenter queue to be placed in a callback queue that will (ideally) place them first in line to be connected to an agent when one becomes available.

One way I had in mind is to disconnect the caller once we saved the fact that they requested a callback (application logic, doesn't matter here). Then, originate a call that plays in a loop "press 1 to connect" that is added to the relevant mod_callcenter queue with a base score that places it first in line to be picked up as the first priority. When the call is picked up the an agent, they hear the "press 1" playback, and once they actually press 1, we execute a lua script that calls the user that requested the callback and bridge agent and user.

In theory this makes perfect sense . Any thoughts? Is there a simpler solution I am overlooking?


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