[Freeswitch-users] Questions about sending DTMF outband

René Weiss rw at panorgan.ch
Tue Oct 31 09:35:32 UTC 2017


I have some questions about sending outband DTMF tones:

What is the right way to send DTMF tones to a parked call?
In my tests "uuid_send_dtmf" seems to work only if I first send
something (like a silent WAV file) with "uuid_broadcast".

(I'm testing with Yealink SIP phones and X-Lite on my computer)

Is this the right way to do it, or should I do something else to
"initialize" the connection?

Is there a way to detect if all DTMF tones have been played?
It seems to me that "uuid_send_dtmf" returns before all tones
have been played and I don't see any Freeswitch event triggered
after the DTMF sequence has ended.

Can I make "uuid_send_dtmf" play faster?
"uuid_send_dtmf <uuid> 1234 at 1"
plays much slower than for example
"uuid_broadcast <uuid>  tone_stream://w=100;d=100;1234"
probably because of the "Queue digit delay of 40m" after
each tone.

Can I reduce this delay or is this a limitation of the
DTMF outband protocol?

Thank you in advance,

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