[Freeswitch-users] Share Screen stop work after ~20 seconds (FS 1.6.18/1.6.19/master)

José Lopes jose.lopes at itcenter.com.pt
Thu Oct 19 15:11:15 UTC 2017


I have a Freeswitch WebRTC SIP connected with a Freeswitch MCU.

When i use Video Conference on WebRTC, when I share the Screen, the screen
is shared, but after 20 seconds the screen freeze and it stops to be
The video call of Screen Share is still active.

I have this situation after upgrade to FreeSwitch 1.6.18.
On Freeswitch 1.6.17 this situation does not happen.
I tried also on Freeswitch 1.6.19 and master and this situation still

There is any configuration that I need to use on the new versions related
to this scenario, so this will not happen?

Additional Notes:
* On Freeswitch MCU, I made a change that when it is video from Screen
Share, the conference member is with flags : mute and deaf. After 20
seconds the video freeze , but after some seconds the screen share start
working again.
* I tried a Freeswitch WebRTC with MCU, and this situation doesn't happen.

Thanks in advance

Best regards,

*José Lopes*
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