[Freeswitch-users] Late Negotiation and ReINVITE

Andrew Cassidy andrew at cassidywebservices.co.uk
Tue Oct 17 15:49:01 UTC 2017

Hi Guys,

I wonder if this is something anyone else has come across:

We make a call out to this particular customer via our wholesale SIP
Other end picks up and tries to transfer the call.
The call is dropped out end by FreeSWITCH following a reinvite from the
remote end with no SDP. FreeSWITCH sends 200 with SDP, other end ACKs then
FreeSWITCH drops the call "No answer to offer"

We use BT Wholesale's IPEX product and I think we can assume that this call
is SIP end-to-end (this is something that I'm finding increasingly common)
and what is happening is FreeSWITCH is seeing the reinvite as a late
negotiation invite and when the ACK comes back with no SDP, thinks the
other end has refused and hanging up the call.

I've not tested with inbound-late-negotiation disabled and am hoping to
avoid doing so. I have tried setting renegotiate-codec-on-reinvite to false
on the outgoing profile which has made no difference.

I'm using FreeSWITCH 1.6.19

Kind regards,
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