[Freeswitch-users] Choppy and fragmented return-audio problem using Unicast

Dayton Turner dayton at voxter.ca
Tue Oct 10 21:38:01 UTC 2017


I thought that first as well - however we *are* specifying the native 
flag, and the received audio is definitely PCMU.  When I capture it 
bit-for-bit, and import it into audacity, selecting 8khz mono u-Law 
makes the audio play back perfectly.

I DO see the "Raw Codec Activation Success L16@" in the logs, despite 
the received audio stream being PCMU, and despite specifying the native 

We've also attempted streaming L16 back instead of PCMU and its 
completely incomprehensible static.  Whereas now, you can hear it 
properly, its just stuttered like mad.  So, because of this I believe 
the codec is correct.


Vallimamod Abdullah wrote:
> Hi,
> I think you are getting a codec mismatch. Here is how the unicast command works according to the source code:
> - If native flag is not set, fs will use the L16 codec to exchange media beetween the session and the unicast socket. You can search for "Raw Codec Activation Success L16@" in the debug log to confirm it.
> - If the native flag is set, fs will use the same read and write codec as your current session: the rtp buffer is sent as-is to the unicast socket and the data received from the unicast socket is also sent back as-is to the session.
> Hope this helps!
> Best Regards,

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