[Freeswitch-users] bad ringback tone if I use OPUS

Alexander Haugg Alexander.Haugg at c4b.de
Mon Oct 9 08:48:56 UTC 2017

Hi All,

for outbound calls I have configured following two lines in the dialplan:
<action application="set" data="ringback=%(2000,4000,440.0,480.0)" /> <!-- or <action application="set" data="ringback=%(1500,3000,425)" /> witch the same result -->
<action application="set" data="instant_ringback=true" />

For the G711 and the G722 Codecs the ringback works fine but with the OPUS codec there is a bad noice after the first ringback tone hearable.
This problem is veryfied with Bria 4 and the ICE Link Stack

Have anyone an idea?

Thanks a lot!
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