[Freeswitch-users] Sending keepalives on Verto websocket

Mundkowsky, Robert rmundkowsky at ets.org
Fri Oct 6 13:39:21 UTC 2017

Have you checked if Nginx has timeout settings and/or keep alive settings?



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Subject: [Freeswitch-users] Sending keepalives on Verto websocket

I've switched to using Nginx to proxy Verto websockets, and have run into a small snag: by default, if Nginx doesn't read any data from a proxy backend within 60 seconds, it closes the connection, even for websockets.

It appears the recommended solution is to have the server send some kind of regular keepalive. I poked around in mod_verto.c and found a 'request.keepalive' variable, but I'm unclear how to set that in the request, and/or if it even accomplishes what I'm wanting.

I've solved the issue for now by periodically sending a JSON RPC 'echo' request along the websocket every 50 seconds, and the reply from the server is enough to keep the connection open. This is fine, but I am curious if there's a way to do it just from the server side, and if not, if it's worth it to add a setting to enable that functionality?


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