[Freeswitch-users] may be fix DNS?

Ken Rice krice at freeswitch.org
Fri Jun 30 17:11:28 UTC 2017

his diagnostic information clearly shows the correct ipv6 address being returned correctly. however , he can’t ping it, this would relate more  to a routing issue than a DNS issue.


it's also well known that there are islands of IPv6 out there due to several large providers who can’t play nice with each other. 


For example (unless this issue has been recently resolved) users single homed to Hurricane or Cogent cannot communicate with single homed users on the other network over IPv6 (even on ipv4 cogent doesn’t peer with HE although HE has requested it many times)


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I had more than a fair deal of issues resolving files.freeswitch.org...


Last time I did a full recursion walkthrough all the way from the DNS root servers to prove there was an issue and its been dismissed just the same.


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Something appears to be wrong with the routing on your… the DNS is correct and we can ping google and various other places via IPv6 from that host.


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[safarov at safarov ~]$ ping files.freeswitch.org <http://files.freeswitch.org> 

PING files.freeswitch.org <http://files.freeswitch.org> (2607:f348:1021::7 (2607:f348:1021::7)) 56 data bytes

>From 2a05:ddc0::48 (2a05:ddc0::48) icmp_seq=1 Destination unreachable: No route

>From 2a05:ddc0::48 (2a05:ddc0::48) icmp_seq=2 Destination unreachable: No route


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