[Freeswitch-users] VOIP-GSM Gateway configuration Error

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try  peer to peer ;)

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I have been trying for a while the configuration of a VOIP-GSM gateway that I have bought but the registration fails every time.

Error at Freeswitch console

2017-06-27 16:27:10.191913 [WARNING] sofia_reg.c:2906 Can't find user [testadmin at<mailto:testadmin at>] from
You must define a domain called '' in your directory and add a user with the id="testadmin" attribute
and you must configure your device to use the proper domain in it's authentication credentials.
2017-06-27 16:27:14.071916 [ERR] sofia_reg.c:2447 MySIP Failed Registration with status Request Timeout [408]. failure #1
2017-06-27 16:27:14.111913 [WARNING] sofia_reg.c:505 MySIP Failed Registration [408], setting retry to 30 seconds.

Here '' is the local IP of the Freeswitch server and that of the gateway attached to the LAN port of the Freeswitch server.

I have put SIP UserID in the gateway admin panel as "testadmin" alongwith its passoword.

my external SIP profile is as follows:


<gateway name="MySIP">

  <param name="username" value="testadmin"/>

  <param name="realm" value=""/>

  <param name="from-user" value="testadmin"/>

  <param name="from-domain" value=""/>

  <param name="password" value="****"/>

  <param name="extension" value="5888"/>

  <param name="proxy" value=""/>

  <param name="expire-seconds" value="120"/>

  <param name="register" value="true"/>

  <param name="caller-id-in-from" value="true"/>

I have tried number of permutations and combinations but the gateway is not getting registered.

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