[Freeswitch-users] nat-options-ping algorithm

Dmitriy Borisov borik.internet at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 12:09:55 UTC 2017

Hi, All!

I have next topology: PSTN <--- FreeSWITCH <--- channel ---> SIP-users

This channel is periodically broken (for 1-10 minutes). Dialplan invoked on
incoming ring have 13 endpoints, 10sec to each of 12 first endpoint, and
transfer to mobile terminal via PSTN. When channel working good all is
fine, but when channel is broken, we have longterm timeout to each endpoint
until each of endpoint do not gone to UNREGISTER state. Endpoint gone to
UNREGISTER state when REGISTER is expired, but this term is too long for
me. I have turn on nat-options-ping option in sip profile, but each
endpoint after unsuccessful ping don't gone to UNREGISTER state. When
channel is originated to such endpoint it have lifecycle 3sec long and it
have ended with NORMAL_TEMPORARY_FAILURE hangup cause. 3 secs by 12
endpoints - too long waiting. When endpoint does not registered - near zero
second and ended with USER_NOT_REGISTERED hangup cause. What and where I
will must modify to achieve near zero secs term of life channel to
inaccessible endpoints?

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