[Freeswitch-users] Re- PocketSphinx

Andrew Keil andrew.keil at visytel.com
Thu Jun 22 01:24:00 UTC 2017

To FreeSWITCH Users,

My question is a simple one.  Is there anyone that has recently used and got working PocketSphinx inside the latest production build of FreeSWITCH on Linux (CentOS 6 or 7)?

I have currently managed to get it working to an extent, however the results are very mixed (eg. sometimes even the simple pizza_yesno grammar always returns yes at 100% confidence when I say "no").

I know it is "Free", however I am hoping that someone has a good grasp on how it works to enable me to improve the recognition and make it work more successfully.  It could well be something I have done (or not done) inside my setup.

My aim would be to update the confluence documentation to enable this information to be public to assist anyone else wishing to use mod_pocketsphinx.


Andrew Keil

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