[Freeswitch-users] Adding video to audio call

Gauri Kshirsagar ksh.sip at gmail.com
Sat Jun 17 16:16:09 UTC 2017


I am using Freeswitch version 1.9.0. I can make video calls. But when I try
to add video to audio call it does not work.

A makes audio call to B. Call is established. A adds video .

ReINVITE sent to freeswitch has  video added in SDP.Freeswitch sends 200 OK
response for this INVITE to A which has video in SDP. But there is no
ReINVITE being sent to B.

I tried enabling renegotiate-codec-on-reinvite in vars.xml and also

Is this supported? If so is some other configuration required.

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