[Freeswitch-users] Showing caller number

Lawrence Conroy lconroy at insensate.co.uk
Sat Jun 17 11:26:28 UTC 2017

Hi there,
 so, basically, you want to fake the outgoing CLI. ISTM that this is NOT a freeSwitch problem.

freeswitch -could- send a different caller ID when outcalling, but you're using some supplier to call out to the mobile via the PSTN.
Typically, that supplier will either trust that you "own" the calling number you're presenting (customer provided network screened),
or will not want OfCom jumping up & down on their head and so put what they believe is your number in the SS#7 message they send
to the mobile operator in the outcall (network provided calling number).
Note that the supplier is supposed to at least screen whatever number you provide. It's their responsibility.

Given that OfCom tends to be unhappy with people faking calling numbers, this is a hard problem.

=> I suspect that it is not something that freeSwitch can fix with UK based outcalls.

best regards,
 Lawrence Conroy
(who used to have an 01794 833xxx number)

On 17 Jun 2017, at 10:47, Richard Mace <richard.mace at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a situation where I have users dialling a number on my freeswitch system starting with 01794 that then immediately calls a mobile number.
> When the mobile rings, it looks like the 01794 number is calling the number.
> How can I adjust the dial string so that when I call the mobile from freeswitch, it looks like like original number calling the 01794 number is ringing the mobile directly?
> Thanks
> Richard

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