[Freeswitch-users] Any plan to support DPDK?

Raymond xxxman2008 at 126.com
Mon Apr 24 12:02:00 MSD 2017


   Yes, DPDK seems can not help with codec conversion (transcode).  But , DPDK will improve the packet throughput. And maybe ,just maybe, decrease the delay . And the biggest benifit from DPDK is you will get more cpu time for other task, such as "transcoding"( traditional nic work mode will eat much cpu on high traffic ).

   And DPDK is now  only work for  Intel NICs .

   Basically , Freeswitch is an "network application" , SO ,why not have an "DPDK" version.  Much helpful for high performance.


At 2017-04-19 04:11:39, "Daniel-Constantin Mierla" <miconda at gmail.com> wrote:


On 17.04.17 18:22, Sergey Safarov wrote:

Where in FreeSwith you think DPDK will helpful?
I think DPDK cannot do RTP streaming or codec conversion.

пн, 17 апр. 2017, 17:31 Raymond <xxxman2008 at 126.com>:

Hi, guys

      Is there's any plan to develop a  "DPDK Freeswitch version" ?   DPDK  is really a big improve of network .

Just mu 5ct because I haven't spent much time with DPDK, but also my impression is that is useful when doing packet routing rather than application level complex processing (e.g., handling rtp for dtmf, transcoding or mixing streams). Only maybe make sense for media passthrough mode with freeswitch, but I guess it won't bring much more performance benefits at the expense of losing all media processing capabilities. If you only need to collect the rtp streams to a single point, using kernel forwarding (iptables) rules can be an alternative solution to cope with more traffic (rtpengine can do that, controlled by kamailio sip proxy).


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