[Freeswitch-users] Use inherit_codec Codec on Re-invite

Colin Morelli colin.morelli at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 16:14:40 MSD 2017

Hey all, back again

Is there any option in FS to either:

   - Keep inherit_codec working after the first invite
   - Try to reduce codec changes by attempting to use the existing codec on
   a re-invite

Unless I'm missing something, FS seems to ignore both the current codec
being used, and the inherit_codec setting on re-invites, so it defaults to
essentially restarting codec negotiation. Ideally I could have it set to
preserve inherit_codec if the call is still bridged (i.e. try to negotiate
the B-leg's codec onto the A-leg if it's supported by the A-leg's new SDP).
Consider the following call:

INVITE (this is good and what I'd expect):
A --- (opus, PCMU) ---> FS --- (opus, PCMU) ---> B
A <-- (PCMU) --- FS <--- (PCMU) --- B

Later Re-INVITE:

A --- (opus, PCMU) ---> FS
A <-- (opus) --- FS

Ideally, I could get something like:

Later Re-INVITE:

A --- (opus, PCMU) ---> FS (checks codec used on B-leg of call, if
A <-- (PCMU) --- FS

Thanks in advance,
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