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Mundkowsky, Robert rmundkowsky at ets.org
Tue Apr 18 19:32:33 MSD 2017

If you have multiple conferences, is there a way to tell which file is for which conference?


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Thought I'd follow up on this with my final implementation, which was a bit different than my original plan. It's certainly not as straightforward or elegant as I'd hoped, but it works :)

The main sticky point is dealing with the Linux file permissions -- FreeSWITCH by default saves the recordings under the user and group it's running as, with 660 perms. Since the webserver and the node process both run under separate users as well, it made more sense to have the root user deal with the file manipulation. So...

1. Create a special directory to hold 'marker files', writeable by the FreeSWITCH user
2. Node process listens for the 'conference-destroy' event (this doesn't seem to be a well-documented event, but it exists!)
3. Since the file cleanup in mod_conference happens after the conference-destroy event, wait a small amount of time after receiving the event
4. Drop a marker file in the marker file directory
5. Run a periodic root cron job that inspects the marker file directory for new files, and process the ended recordings as necessary

This allows the cron idea offered by Sebastian without the concern about untimely moving of a file raised by Giovanni.

On Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 2:07 AM, Giovanni Maruzzelli <gmaruzz at gmail.com<mailto:gmaruzz at gmail.com>> wrote:

Provided you're using Unix you can set up a simple cron job at an
interval of your choice that checks for *.mp4 files in your recordings
directory and in case it finds some moves them over to your web
directory with the permissions you want.

Nope, you'll never be sure you are not moving files FreeSWITCH is actively writing to (eg, recording not yet ended).
I would go your way Chad, with a slight old-skool variation like doing that in a perl while loop (are that javascript thingies actually working? ;) )



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