[Freeswitch-users] Bridge b-leg variables not present

Daniel Finke daniel at voxter.ca
Mon Apr 17 21:05:06 MSD 2017


I am using the bridge command from mod_dptools as follows. I have a channel
up on one FreeSWITCH server, let's call it FS1. I am trying to bridge to a
conference running via mod_conference on another media server, FS2. This is
the bridge command I am executing:

> {call_timeout=20,originate_timeout=20,ignore_early_media='false',hold_music=silence,sip_h_X-Conf-Flags-Moderator=false,custom_Test-Thing='some_value',local_var_clobber='true'}[sip_invite_to_uri=<sip:955 at realm>,origination_caller_id_number='3001',origination_caller_id_name='Test
> 1
> Phone',ignore_early_media='true',sip_auth_username='omitted',sip_auth_password='omitted']sofia/sipinterface_1/conference at FS2_IP
> :11000

This results in a new b-leg channel on FS2, but upon a "uuid_dump
<b-leg-channel>" on FS2, I do not see the variables specified in the bridge
command. Specifically, I am trying to get "custom-Test-Thing" to be present.

I am using the following doc:

I have tried both the b-leg simple variables

> (bridge
> [variable_scope=endpoint-1]<target_endpoint>,[variable_scope=endpoint-2]<target_endpoint>)

and b-leg thread global approaches

> bridge
> {variable_scope=thread_global}[variable_scope=endpoint-1]<target_endpoint>[,[variable_scope=endpoint-2]<target_endpoint>][|[variable_scope=endpoint-3]<target_endpoint>]

Hoping to hear that I am just doing something wrong and that it is simple!
I can supply whichever logs are necessary.
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