[Freeswitch-users] Choppy audio when conferencing 4+ participants

Bilal Dar bilal at rgate-systems.com
Fri Apr 14 20:48:56 MSD 2017

I have been struggling with an issue for almost 2 weeks.

Our regular calls have no quality issue and looking RTCP statistics network
conditions are perfect. We have normally on peak hr 60 calls and around 10

We have noticed that when we have 2 conferences of 4 or 5 participants,
audio starts breaking for the users who are on conference. Regular calls do
not experience any quality degradation.

I upgraded the server to specs of 30Gig memory and 8 vCPU but still the
issue exists. Common thing I have noticed even during off-peak hrs is that
two 4+ participant call can cause the issue.

I have ruled out network & hardware. Last change I made was moved all users
to G.711 from G.722. Now I am not sure what other steps I can take.
Appreciate any suggestions.

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