[Freeswitch-users] Changing mode for CDRs

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Fri Apr 7 22:36:46 MSD 2017


have used it when we were testing the .csv processing of FreeSWITCH 
(like a couple of years back). Should be still actual AFAIK, otherwise 
let me know if you run into any kind of issues.
Regarding maintaining some kind of real-time, you can call the script 
from cron every minute or so and I think that is the closest real-time 
you can get since until FreeSWITCH will start writing a new file (rotate 
old one), you cannot process it externally since you will get 
concurrency on write/read. In CGRateS you will process it instantly 
based on inotify events but the CDR file needs to be first released by 
If you want closer to real-time, maybe mod_json_cdr is a better option 
for you?


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> Thanks Dan - did you use this in conjunction with a file watcher, presumably, to maintain some kind of realtime?
> You say you ?used to? use it, does that mean it?s FS version thing? What I can?t work out is that there are older cdrs in the directory that have 770 permissions, yet I haven?t updated FS or anything like that, so I can?t work out why they would now be writing out with 700 perms!?

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