[Freeswitch-users] user context being ignored

Peter Villeneuve petervnv1 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 21:30:53 MSD 2017

Hi all,

I'm confused by some strange behavior I'm seeing on my vanilla FS

If I have <param name="apply-inbound-acl" value="domains"/> set in my
internal sip profile, even my registered user is unable to make any calls
since he gets rejected by the 2017-04-07 17:13:10.085105 [WARNING]
sofia.c:9983 IP xx.xx.xx.xx Rejected by acl "domains" message in the logs.
Shouldn't FS fall back to regular digest authentication like it used to?

I know the user (let's call him 1000) is registered properly since running
sofia status profile internal reg in the cli shows that he is indeed
registered as expected.

I made sure in user 1000's directory entry that <variable
name="user_context" value="default"/> is set.

If 1) I I apply <param name="apply-inbound-acl" value="domains"/> to the
internal profile then calls from user 1000 get rejected by acl domains as
explained above, with no fallback to digest authentication (don't know why
it doesn't challenge the user)

if 2) I disable <param name="apply-inbound-acl" value="domains"/> then the
call hits the public dialplan instead of the default one even though
<variable name="user_context" value="default"/> is set in user 1000's
directory xml entry.

I haven't used FS in awhile but I recall in the past not having this much
trouble trying to get it working as expected. I suppose I could set the
context in the internal profile to default but then all kinds of bad guys
will be able to make calls on my dime (it's happened before). I want
authenticated users only to make calls but this seems to be eluding me.

Is this a known bug (my debian installation was built from git 02c0860
2017-03-03 23:35:25Z 32bit) or am I doing something silly?

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