[Freeswitch-users] Manipulating audio streams at sample level

Oivvio Polite mylists at polite.se
Wed Apr 5 18:10:25 MSD 2017

On ons, apr 05, 2017 at 01:18:25 +0000, Michael Jerris wrote:
> why are they out of sync in the first place?

Because they are traveling from two different handsets along different paths to the FS server. And
we're not in control over that.

> You can't solve echo by adding delay.  This needs to be solved in a
> different way.  if someone is being picked up by 2 microphones, your going
> to get a stereo effect, is that what you mean?  


> if so, you'd want to use
> microphones that won't pick up the same person twice.

This is in BYOD scenario. The users bring what ever handsets they have,
so we have no control over the quality of the microphones. We understand
that there's a limit to how much we'll be able to clean this audio but
we're thinking that some mitigation is better than none.

Is what I asked about possible at all with FS?

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