[Freeswitch-users] How FreeSwitch starts on Debian 8

Ken Rice krice at freeswitch.org
Sat May 28 01:33:45 MSD 2016

Upstart is completely different also… it was one of the init system that was competing against system to replace sysvinit.


I’m not sure 100% on how things work on U14.04 at this time.


As far as my comments on the sysv init that was nearly a year ago and things have changed since then


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Ok. I am not aware of systemd. Currenty, we use Ubuntu 14.04 on our server - which I believe uses upstart.

At ClueCon Weekly video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyUhpLC8OIM (10:58), Ken Rice still uses systemv init scripts.

I will study a little bit about systemd.

Thank you,



2016-05-27 13:18 GMT-03:00 Jeff Leung <jleung at v10networks.ca <mailto:jleung at v10networks.ca> >:

> After installation, Freeswitch was up and running, but I don't see any
> /etc/init.d script to start it.
That's because it now uses systemd to start up the service, not sysvinit. To start it up you can either go
systemctl start freeswitch or service freeswitch start

To enable/disable it, you'd go:
systemctl enable freeswitch or systemctl disable freeswitch
> When I killed the process, it automatically restarted!

systemd now automatically recovers crashed services so there isn't a need to install monit like most of us did back in the 1.2 era.

> How does it happen?
> Thank you
> Valter

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