[Freeswitch-users] G.729 module uses two channels (licenses) for only one call in

Fernando Hernandez fernando at cloudigit.com
Fri May 20 07:32:07 MSD 2016

Hi All,

Briefly I introduce our system: IPPBX device <-> FreeSwitch <->
bigbluebutton platform

we have two big issues related to FreeSwitch G.729 commercial module.

   1. When we receive a call in (from outside IPPBX) to join a meeting we
   can see in FreeSwitch logs two encoding/decoding outputs, resulting two
   channels in use for only one call in. At the beginning we thought it was
   related to an IVR message to ask the user for the meetingID and password,
   but we "harcoded" that info in FreeSwitch files to directly forward the
   user into the meeting and we had the same problem. For call out (from BBB
   to outside phone number) only one channel is used.
   2. We have four G.729 channels, For instance, if we run 1 call out (1
   G.729 channel in use) and 2 calls in (another 4 channels), the second call
   in will establish the connection but a weird "KAKAKA" sound will appear. We
   can see this error message in the log:
      - [ERR] switch_core_io.c:697 Codec RAW Signed Linear (16 bit) decoder
      error! [1]

           We now it happens because we only have four channels and we are
trying to use the fifth                one, but if we do the same with
calls out, 5 calls out, the fifth one will just be closed as soon
 as the user pick up the phone and no weird sound will happen.

Thanks and best regards.

*Fernando Hernandez Esguevillas*
*Cloudpe Corp.*
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