[Freeswitch-users] cannot use h264 with firefox and verto demo page

Antonio Silva asilva at wirelessmundi.com
Thu May 19 14:34:47 MSD 2016


I'm trying to use H264 with verto demo page with firefox but no luck 
making it work... using firefox it never detects or send the h264 codec 
in the SDP.

Is it possible to use this configuration? did anyone try to make video 
calls with verto and h264?

If i use VP8 it works ok but with transcoding.
My idea is to avoid unnecessary transcoding between local sip endpoints 
that only support h264.

I've enabled the h264 in about:config, 

In the endpoint i've set the codecs:

<variable name="absolute_codec_string" value="opus,h264"/>
<variable name="codec_string" value="opus,h264"/>

I see FS send the offer with only h264 to firefox but firefox always 
reply with only vp8.

The call flow is from FS to Firefox. You can find the logs for the sdp 
part in the pastebin:


Thanks for the help!


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