[Freeswitch-users] API break vs uuid_break

Marek Slivanský - Livispace s.r. Marek Slivanský - Livispace s.r.
Tue May 10 16:26:35 MSD 2016

Good afternoon,


unfortunately the problem described in the original post is still appearing.

In short FreeSwitch sometimes (very rarely) ignores „bgapi uuid_break <uuid>“ command and does not wake a call waiting on hold (local_stream://moh).


We are using backend written in Ruby on Rails, relevant code:

@socket = TCPSocket.open("#{FREESWITCH_HOST}", 8021)

@socket.send("auth #{FREESWITCH_PASSWORD}\n\n", 1024)

@socket.send("bgapi uuid_break #{uuid}\n\n", 1024)


The worst on it is that it happens only once per hunderds of calls, so we’re unable to replicate the issue on demand.


This started happenning on FreeSwitch 1.2.stable so we upgraded to 1.6.5+git~20151120T205750Z~70b8c17763~64bit, but no difference. Subjectively this happens more often after longer run. 


If needed, I could provide more information and logs.


Thanks very much in advance for any help.


Marek Slivanský


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Thank you very much for your response and clarifying, Michael. We have change break to uuid_break. Anyway as you say, it has no influence on function, as it’s alias for the same.



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It appears that nearly six years ago the API 'break' was simply changed to 'uuid_break' in this commit:



>From what I see in the code, both 'break' and 'uuid_break' call 'break_function' in mod_commands.c, so 'break' is really just an alias for 'uuid_break':


SWITCH_ADD_API(commands_api_interface, "break", "uuid_break", break_function, BREAK_SYNTAX);

SWITCH_ADD_API(commands_api_interface, "uuid_break", "Break out of media sent to channel", break_function, BREAK_SYNTAX);


For the sake of consistency you might want to consider changing your 'bgapi break <uuid>' calls to 'bgapi uuid_break <uuid>'. There is a whole family of uuid_* APIs and 'uuid_break' fits in nicely among them. You may find the word 'break' all over source code, but if you see 'uuid_break' then you know exactly what that means.




On Sat, Mar 12, 2016 at 1:24 AM, Marek Slivanský - Livispace s.r.o. <marek at telfa.cz <mailto:marek at telfa.cz> > wrote:

Hi there,


sorry if I’m not choosing the right way for asking for something, please point me out, this is my first time using the mailing list.


I have a question regarding API command “break” has changed to “uuid_break”. I really tried to but I’ve not found any information about that.


We are using ”bgapi break <uuid>” to stop playing some sound to a call (leg), e.g. moh, and to continue with next dialplan item. We are using v1.2.stable. Probably since last upgrade to the latest commit in this branch (prior we were using some 09/2012 commit), sometimes (rarely) the command “bgapi break <uuid>” gets ignored by FreeSwitch and sound remains playing forever (local_stream://moh).


Could anyone please shed some light on this change (and perhaps add some info why break has been deprecated and consequences of continuing to use it, into wiki)?


Thanks in advance for any answer,



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