[Freeswitch-users] Passing stuff from javascript to mod_xml_curl and then to a authentication web service

Oivvio Polite mylists at polite.se
Fri May 6 17:43:21 MSD 2016

Today I've been trying to grok mod_xml_curl.

I've set up a webservice that xml_curl will call to get the
user directory.

I've figured out from experimentation that my endpoint gets called
whenever a sip user tries to register or in my case when verto is
initialized in the browser.

What I haven't figured out is how to pass stuff from the browser to
mod_xml_curl and then on to the webservice.

In my case I want to pass a JSON Web Token. I can pass it as the
passwd argument in the verto initialization.

        vertoHandle = new jQuery.verto({
             login: 'user at mydomain',
                    passwd: 'xxxxxx',               
                    socketUrl: 'wss://mydomain:8082',
                    deviceParams: {                 
                        useMic: true,                   
                        useSpeak: true                  
                    iceServers: true                
        }, vertoCallbacks);

But how then do I pick that up in in my xml_curl conf and pass it on to the webservice?

    <configuration name="xml_curl.conf" description="cURL XML Gateway">
            <binding name="directory">      
                <param name="gateway-url" value="" bindings="directory"/>

The webservice will be running on the same box as FS so passing the token to it as a URL paramater or as a HTTP header 
would be equally fine by me, but right now I can't even figure out how to access it.

Regards Oivvio

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