[Freeswitch-users] Add video stream to audio call (without media bypass)

Luciano Augusto Rezende lrezende at daitangroup.com
Thu May 5 20:55:19 MSD 2016


I have a setup with two devices in a audio call, and one device wants to add video to the call.

The device adding the video (A-leg) sends the re-invite freeswitch renegotiates the codecs for this leg, but the other leg remains untouched.

I found that it may work using the bypass media option, but it won't do in my case because I need to be able to use transcoding if needed.

The codecs that I'm using are PCMU, PCMA, OPUS and for video only H.264

I'm currently using freeswitch v1.6.7 both from the debian repo.

Tl;dr: How  can I add a video stream to an audio call without losing transcoding capability.


Luciano Rezende
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