[Freeswitch-users] wss with letsencrypt certs / WebSocket opening handshake was canceled

Oivvio Polite mylists at polite.se
Thu May 5 19:19:00 MSD 2016

I had wss working with self signed certs and I'm now trying to move to
certs from Letsencrypt.

I have something working. Connecting to https://myip:port/ I get the
green padlock in chrome, but on close inspection Chrome tells me:

    Your connection to  https://myip:port/ is encrypted using an obsolete
    cipher suite. 

    The connection uses TLS 1.2

    The connection is encrypted and authenticated using AES_128_GCM
    and uses RSA as the key exchange mechanism"

Screenshot here: http://imgur.com/tERQUXw

When trying to establish a secure websocket with the verto library I get

    jquery.jsonrpcclient.js:285 WebSocket connection to 'wss://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxx' failed: WebSocket opening handshake was canceled

When inspecting https://webrtc.freeswitch.org:8082/ with Chrome I get
the same complaint as with my Letsencrypt certs but verto still works
over there. So there's something else that I'm doing wrong.

In the FS CLI i get this

    2016-05-05 15:15:29.875866 [INFO] mod_verto.c:3997 myip:57884 Client Connect.
    2016-05-05 15:15:29.895849 [INFO] mod_verto.c:1973 myip:57884 Starting client thread.
    2016-05-05 15:15:29.975863 [DEBUG] mod_verto.c:1820 myip:57884 WS SETUP FAILED []

Any ideas on what else to try?


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