[Freeswitch-users] freeswitch wan.auto ipv6 problem

Sangram Rath s.rath at voverc.com
Thu Jul 28 17:27:40 MSD 2016

Hi Group,

We have an issue here where we are not able to make inbound/outbound calls
using a websocket application that uses sipjs.
We think that wan.auto is not excluding IPv6. This problem is related to
ICE. There was a bug on this that was fixed in 1.4.19.

Additional info:
- The platform is Kazoo
- FS version: 1.4.23 (also tried upgrading to 1.4.26)
- IPv6 is disabled in the OS

We have the below in logs:
[WARNING] switch_core_media.c:2790 NO candidate ACL defined, Defaulting to
[DEBUG] switch_core_media.c:5178 AUDIO RTP [sofia/sipinterface_1/
DPRD025488 at somedomain.com] x.x.x.x port 24092 ->
2001::5ef5:79fd:207f:3d43:3f57:fe92 port 61975 codec: 8 ms: 20
[DEBUG] switch_rtp.c:3588 Not using a timer
[INFO] switch_core_media.c:5352 Activating Audio ICE
[NOTICE] switch_rtp.c:4029 Activating RTP audio ICE:
bveNJceaOHdVG0Tq:tThuJX7NS3O8dtZ1 2001::5ef5:79fd:207f:3d43:3f57:fe92:61975
[INFO] switch_core_media.c:5395 Activating RTCP PORT 61975
[DEBUG] switch_rtp.c:3929 RTCP send rate is: 10000 and packet rate is:
20000 Remote Port: 61975
[DEBUG] switch_rtp.c:2349 Setting RTCP remote addr to :61975
[INFO] switch_core_media.c:5403 Skipping RTCP ICE (Same as RTP)
[INFO] switch_rtp.c:3104 Activate RTP/RTCP audio DTLS client

It would be great to have ideas on what could be the reason.

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