[Freeswitch-users] How to distinguish between normal originated and redirected by SIP 302 channels?

Dmitry Sytchev kbdfck at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 13:27:31 MSD 2016

Hi all,

We build FS-based PBX and faced issue with identifying outbound
channels created by FS in case of receiving 302. We don't use internal
redirect as it leads to redirecting source channel.
Instead, we use enterprise originate and make FS send all channels to
SBC which sends them back to FS in case of redirect.

Problem is that after FS sends call redirected by 302 to SBC, we can't
distinguish between usual originated calls from FS and redirect
attempts as there is no significant difference in SIP fields. It would
be great if we can for example set some header to identify redirected
call from FS on SBC.

Maybe you guys have some thoughts about how this can be done?

Best regards,

Dmitry Sytchev,
IT Engineer

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