[Freeswitch-users] mod_httapi issues

Colin Morelli colin.morelli at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 01:13:45 MSD 2016

Hey all,

I've previously been using mod_httapi with no problems - so I'm not quite
at the point of calling this a FS bug yet (although the behavior is
certainly unexpected).

I recently set up a t2.nano instance in AWS - which are 512m memory. The
purpose of this instance is just to test FS configurations. Generally
speaking it works fine, with one exception:

Relatively frequently (throwing out a number of 15% here which may not be
right but it's in the right ball park), the response that FS receives from
my endpoint is cut off at some point throughout the string. When it
happens, the last character that FS receives exactly matches the final
character of a single TCP packet. However, after running tcpdump on the
machine I do see the full response coming back (split across two packets).

Now, I had not seen this problem until launching the t2.nano instance.
Three things have changed since then:

1. FS 1.6.7 -> 1.6.9 (though I don't think this matters, as I don't see any
relevant httapi changes)
2. Moved into a docker container
3. Reduction in instance specs (2 cores + 2GB ram down to 1 core + 512mb

I should note it's also possible that the dependencies (such as libcurl)
have changed, though I searched through libcurls bug list and couldn't find
anything related to this.

Because of item #3 my first assumption was a memory allocation issue,
though FS reports nothing about this in the logs and when it happens I can
see that the system still has 100+MB free.

I thought it would help to post here first to see if the general consensus
is "there's no way FS will run correctly on 512mb of ram" or something
along those lines. But please let me know if I should make a bug for this.

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