[Freeswitch-users] Freeswitch scaling.

Mimiko vbvbrj at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 13:21:31 MSD 2016

Hello dear community.

Currently I run a FS server in production for a company to handle all 
necessary tasks. But it is nit fail-tolerant. It is only one server. So 
I would like your hints about scaling.

In fact, FS handles about 100 users with its phone numbers. Two voip 
providers, internet access for remote users and direct sip calling. 
There are conferences, callcenter, voicemail, ivr. When calling outside 
destinations, there is a fail-tolerant connection between two providers 
in case one failed. Both providers have own connection needs for header 
configuration. For several extensions calls are recorded. Also each user 
can initiate a call record.

The most important is callcenter, which have dynamic agent join and 
leave. Agents join and leave using there permitted extensions and using 
a password, so the FS can know who is login in and record this in DB. 
This is important to allow then accounting for agents the time they 
where in system for answer. Also each answer is recorded in file and in 
DB with the id of the agent who answered. Of course, clients hear its 
position while they wait for an answer.

Now I want to extend FS to two physical servers. One DB, and shared 
storage with drdb. I would like to implement config load from DB.

As I've read, the big problem in this case to handle the route to 
registered user: on which server it is registered. This can be done 
using DB for sharing these data. Others says that Opensips come in 
handle, to allow opensips for registration purpose and routing, and FS 
to server for voicemail, conference, callcenter.

My questions is how in this case will be call record handled between two 
channels? If routing is in Opensips, how would I handle agents join and 
leave using password in the dialplan, like there is in FS? Do I have to 
double dialplan for FS and for Opensips? What will be better to use 
Opensips: as a registrar, or only as a load-balancer?

Thank you.

Mimiko desu.

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