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Grant Bagdasarian gb at cm.nl
Fri Jan 29 11:04:04 MSK 2016

We're currently running around 20 FS VM's on multiple physical ESXi hosts and some on vCenter clusters with no issues at all. The current versions are still 1.4 (updating soon) but haven't had any issues with timing or RTP streams. We do limit the number of VM's per physical host to not overcommit resources, but in some cases overcommitting resources worked out fine too.

We've been running FS virtualized on VMWare for almost 2-3 years now and haven't had any issues with timing or rtp. 

A single VM host (6 Cores, 12 Threads) with 3 FS VM's (bridging calls between the FS instances) should be able to handle close to 500 calls active without any issues. In this setup and our load test of this setup we had in total 5 call legs, bridged from the first to the last FS VM in the chain. 

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I am reviewing the Confluence Virtualization page and had some questions, in particular about VMWare. My company distributes some of its software as a VMWare image file and we were looking to distribute a new product using FS in the same manner. The products operate at a customer premise, on their VMWare infrastructure, not in a cloud environment. Since our customers already have VMWare, switching to a different VM infrastructure is going to hurt, so I am looking for options/alternatives.

First, does anybody know if the virtual timing issues with VMWare have improved since this page was last updated in 2014? Is VMWare still not good enough? Is it possible to throw CPU & memory at this and make VMWare good enough, or is the virtual timing just not workable? 

On the virtualization page, there was a comment from 2010 that you might be happy with a High CPU Medium instance on AWS EC2. Certainly workload is a factor here, but I am trying to get my head around how big a machine to perform how small a workload. Is there a place where people talk about their experiences? 

Are there other VM platforms that might be acceptable?

Any help or comment is appreciated.

Thank you,

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