[Freeswitch-users] Profile won't start after stop, doesn't properly release IP/Port

Luiz Fernando Softov fernando at softov.com.br
Mon Jan 25 14:57:17 MSK 2016

Sorry, I mean FreeBSD, FreeBRS is the name of my custom SO (Free BrByte
Routing System).

I remove the #ifdef in su.c and make SO_REUSEPORT + SO_REUSEADDR, and now
it's working fine.

2016-01-24 17:00 GMT-03:00 Michael Jerris <mike at jerris.com>:

> never heard of freebrs, so I'm sure we've done nothing about making sure
> this works properly.  We should be using reuse properly, if your operating
> system defines this weird or it behaves differently than other common
> operating systems it may require code fixes to do it properly.  If you
> figure out why, we would be happy to review a pull request to correct this
> issue.
> On Saturday, January 23, 2016, Luiz Fernando Softov <
> fernando at softov.com.br> wrote:
>> Hi all, i'm trying to do a stop then a start in a profile.
>> After profile stop, the IP/Port doesn't release
>> I Google it and found this JIRA
>> https://freeswitch.org/jira/browse/FS-6603
>> But this is when i'm making a unload mod_sofia, the port release
>> So, only after this i can start the profile
>> I'm using FreeBRS, and in my other programs I use SO_REUSEPORT
>> There is a function (su_setreuseaddr) in
>> libs/sofia-sip/libsofia-sip-ua/su/su.c where i found a
>> #define SO_REUSEPORT
>> My question is, there a correct place to define SO_REUSEPORT, or i just
>> add it to make of the system and the SO_REUSEPORT will work?
>> Or this isn't related with the fact that the port isn't released by the
>> module when i make a stop? If not, how can i make to stop and start profile
>> without problem?
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