[Freeswitch-users] Learning FreeSWITCH - Can't call into test installation

William Colls william at williamcollsassoc.ca
Sat Jan 23 02:03:44 MSK 2016

I am new to freeSWITCH, and working trough the examples from the 
FreeSWITCH (1.2)  Book.

I have the system built, and running, and everything looks OK. The 
system registers with my VoIP provider (voip.ms), an IP phone registers 
with FreeSWITCH, and I can call out to the POTS. However, when I try to 
call into the IP phone, I can see the incoming call information at 
fs_cli, but it instantly hangs up, and never goes through to the 
intended destination set up in dialplan/public/01_voipms.xml. The 
message that I get is

[NOTICE] switch_core_state_machine.c:315 
sofia/external/613XXXXXXX at 158.85.70.XXX has executed the last dialplan 
instruction, hanging up

Appreciate any pointers as to what/where I should be looking for the 

Thanks for your time.


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