[Freeswitch-users] the unit for answered_time

ik idokan at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 19:02:36 MSK 2016


I require to calculate on hangup the duration of a call regardless of the
CDR, and do some logic if it's above a range.

I'm placing at the api_hangup_hook a cli parameters that one of them is

I need the data in minutes unit, and the data seems to be a timestamp in
microseconds, but converting it to seconds (e.g. answered_time / 1000000)
provides me a very low range of number, sometimes even less then a

I can't seems to find at the documentation what is the unit for the
answered_time in order to properly convert it to my requirements.

I'm also missing the place at the source code where the data is set to the
variable (here is the grep result (at the src directory):

grep  answered_time ./* -R
bson_append_long(&cdr, "answered_time", caller_profile->times->answered);
./mod/languages/mod_managed/managed/ChannelVariables.cs:            const
string answered_time = "answered_time";
./mod/languages/mod_managed/managed/ChannelVariables.cs:                get
{ return readUsecsDateTime(answered_time); }
./switch_caller.c:      if (!strcasecmp(name, "answered_time")) {
./switch_core_session.c:                                                }
else if (!strcmp(tag3->name, "answered_time")) {
./switch_ivr.c:                 if (!(time_tag =
switch_xml_add_child_d(x_times, "answered_time", t_off++))) {
./switch_ivr.c:                 cJSON_AddItemToObject(j_times,
"answered_time", cJSON_CreateString(tmp));

So what am I missing here?

Thank you
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