[Freeswitch-users] Freeswitch "Cluster"

Emrah lists at kavun.ch
Thu Jan 14 13:52:27 MSK 2016

This is an interesting concept that I tried to implement myself. It would be fabulous  to have FS boxes acting like nodes that accept client registrations with shared configs.
This would be step number 1. 
Step number 2 would be to create an intra FreeSWITCH routing that calculates best routes based on geographical location. This isn’t truly necessary if you can only reach the client through the FS box it’s been registered on. It would only be helpful if any of the FS box can reach the clients independently. There it would make sense to determine if there is a shorter path to the client through other FS boxes in order to minimize RTP delay.
step 3 would be to make conferencing work with this cluster mechanism. Haha!

So in a nutshell, create a distributed FS setup that is location and network independent that is aware of all FS systems. That would be so magically amazing!

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