[Freeswitch-users] Translate 415 response to 488 across bridge

Spencer Thomason spencer at whiteskycommunications.com
Wed Jan 13 22:24:49 MSK 2016

We have a few UAs which reject a T38 ReINVITE with a 415 instead of a 488, ugh.

If the UA sends a 415, freeswitch send a BYE with a Reason: Q.850;cause=79;text=“SERVICE_NOT_IMPLEMENTED” but if the UA sends a 488, the 488 is passed across the bridge and the T38 ReINVITE is successfully rejected and the call continues normally.  Is there a way I can get Freeswitch to treat the 415 as a 488 and send a 488 across the bridge?  If its not currently implemented, can anyone provide some hints and I’ll create a PR.


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