[Freeswitch-users] Question: Desktop Sharing with mod_verto and vc

Alexander Haugg Alexander.Haugg at c4b.de
Mon Aug 29 19:52:02 MSD 2016


I’m trying the desktop sharing feature on the vc client.
The Client 1007 and 1008 are connected with video and voice.

1007 activate desktop sharing.
The FS receive the new Session with the destination 1008-screen.
At first, the default dial plan had no rule for this destination and the call will hang up.
I add an extension who bridge this incoming session to the client 1008, but the client 1008 show only the video from the client 1007 camera.

On the Freeswitch Confluence page I don’t find any examples.
What is the correct dial plan instruction  to do desktop sharing with a 1:1 vc client connection?

Thanks a lot!
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