[Freeswitch-users] divert_events on inbound ESL server

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Thu Aug 25 02:53:56 MSD 2016

 I am wondering if it is possible to turn on 'divert_events' in order to
get additional event notifications for things like gtalk and
DETECTED_SPEECH over an inbound ESL connection?

 I have an outbound ESL application that fields calls for a particular
number and runs some simple grammars.  Here I send 'divert_events on', and
I am able to see these additional events no problem.

  I also have a 'monitor' application setup in inbound mode, which just
listens to 'everything'.  However this inbound application does not see
additional events like DETECTED_SPEECH, although it can see the application
calls to play_and_detect_speech.  If I try to send 'divert_events on' from
the inbound socket I see an error message "ERR not controlling a session",
so I guess this is not correct.

  Is there a way to listen for these additional messages over the inbound
socket, or not?

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