[Freeswitch-users] Freeswitch as IVR Tester

Phil Dunks phil.dunks at netdev.co.uk
Mon Aug 22 19:48:37 MSD 2016

Hi folks

I am trying to use FS as an automated test platform to send calls into an IVR system (also FS) and test the various call flows.

I am using node.js to control the tests over ESL.

I am using ‘originate xxx &park()’ to initiate the test call to the IVR.

Then ‘detect_speech’ with pocketsphinx to listen for key phrases in the prompts from the IVR (‘followed by hash’) etc.

So far so good - although I haven’t tested many different prompts yet.

I am then trying to use ’send_dtmf’ to navigate the IVR menus.

I am having some problems with this.

After the ‘send_dtmf’ is requested, nothing happens.

I read on a different post that it will work if you do a ‘playback’ before ‘send_dtmf’.

I tried this, and yes, ‘send_dtmf’ now does something - but not what is expected.

The CHANNEL_EXECUTE_COMPLETE event for ‘send_dtmf’ returns instantly ( e.g. 1 ms after the associated CHANNEL_EXECUTE event) rather than after the DTMF is sent, which messes up my state machine.

Also the IVR system does not react to the DTMF.

I made a test call to an x-lite instead of the IVR, and could hear the DTMF but it was distorted.

Any help greatly appreciated.

I am using 1.6.9 (installed from rpm’s) on centos 7.



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